About Us

Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria causing spots, irritating skin and worsening wrinkles. A study found 34% of makeup brushes contained more bacteria than the average toilet brush* In shocking results, 44% of women have never washed their brushes, ever!

How should you clean that foundation brush? Professionals recommend cleaning makeup brushes once a week but traditional methods are messy and time consuming leaving brushes wet and unusable for up to hours.

The BELLAPRO makeup brush cleaner & dryer is an automatic ‘washing machine’ for your brushes, spinning them clean & dry in less than 30 seconds so they are ready to use straight away!

Use theBELLAPRO Brush Cleaner with the BELLAPRO Vegan Makeup Brush Cleanser for the best results … we know you’ll love it!

Invented with love by BBC Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau.


Select a collar to fit your makeup brush. Attach the brush to the device. ADD WATER AND SOAP. Gently dunk your brush in and out of the BELLAPRO bowl. Turn on the BELLAPRO device and spin the makeup brush clean in the bowl for 10 seconds. Lift the brush above the cleanser and spin dry for 10 seconds (please make sure you keep the brush inside the bowl when drying.